51 items in July 2016

Despite summer's busyness, in July 2016 you donated 51 items at our meet-up. Tesha wasn't there (as she was between California and MN, driving home), but Amy snapped these photos. It was a lovely day out on the patio, and folks stayed until 5!

The boxes in the mail come full of unique and creative hand-made items. They have a Wisconsin return address. And we "oo" and "ah" as we open each one. 

For the past five months, Jody Gilbertson of Beldenville, Wis. has shipped us donations for Team Yarn.

Her items stand apart. "Some of my patterns are from my mom or aunt. They are old patterns from years ago," Jody explained.

For a copy of the Beautiful Flowered Afghan, ask at a Team Yarn meeting and we'll share!

At 53, Jody says she has the time to make things and enjoy it. She is glad that someone can use the items she creates.

"I hope whomever receives the handmade items, get the feeling of comfort, support, warmth, and know people are there for them," said Jody.

Jody appreciates that Team Yarn does a great job showing and telling where donations go on the website and Facebook, and feels that she's a part of the work through the photos and blog posts.

"My mom taught me to crochet at the age of 12," remarked Jody. "She would always work on things in the evening, still does at 84. So one night I said I want to learn how to do that. She was making a doily. That's how it started. I'm so glad I picked it up." Crocheting helps her relax.

She plans to drive down and meet us in person some Sunday afternoon. We're looking forward to the visit.
Packages by Jody Gilbertson

The hands of Team Yarn members are never still. They're busy, crafting new items to donate, organizing donations and spurring each other on.

In May, members donated 86 items. In June, it was 36 items.

Regretfully, I had a camera/computer glitch and lost all the May photos, but here are some from our June meet up at Silverwood Park.

As always, we share the word and our business cards with folks who are drawn to our busy hands. We love it when new folks join us!

59 items in April 2016

April's gorgeous weather meant we returned to the Silverwood patio. Ah, it was lovely. You wonderful people donated 59 items, bringing our overall total to 2,500. AMAZING!

We were pleased to welcome Marilyn to our group in April; she read about us in the Amery, Wis. newspaper. We hope to see her again soon! As always, spread the word about Team Yarn. We're also looking for new members!

As a proud mama, I just have to brag on my little girl. She made her first hat for Team Yarn this month, and she's so delighted to be a contributing member! I wondered if maybe she wanted to keep this first regular-size loom hat for herself. But no, she insisted on donating it!

(Sorry the photos aren't as great this month. I forgot my good camera!)