Yarn, Patterns & Guidelines

Since we are making hats for people without hair, it is important to choose the softest yarns we can find. We have discovered that some yarns feel soft to the touch, but once they're all worked up into a project, they aren't quite as soft as we expected. So, we have come up with a list of yarns that have worked especially well for us so far. If you are unsure what yarn to start with, this list will give you some ideas.
PLEASE AVOID: Red Heart yarn, unless it is the kind the specifically says "soft."

We do not specify patterns for our Team. Just as all of you making items are unique, so are the recipients of those items. Some people love fun and fanciful. Others love simple or classic. You choose the pattern that works for you!

For pattern ideas you can check out these sites:

A Word on Hat Sizing:
  • There is NOT a significant demand for child or infant sized hats. We have been turned down by children's hospitals because they have a greater need for TEEN hats, which, simply put, means ADULT sizes. If you've already made child/infant hats, we will certainly find a home for them. However, as a group, we're trying to reduce the number of small hats we produce.
  • Experience has taught us that a comfortable adult hat that stays on the head should come down far enough to cover the tips of the ears. There is a tendency, especially among beginners, to make hats that are too short. Use your own head or the head of a friend or family member to measure!

Other Guidelines:
Items should be...
  • Super Soft - Handmade
  • New
  • Washable
  • Free of smoke and pet hair


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