We love yarn, yes we do!

Thanks to Gail Kiltie of Joyful H'Arts Studio for donating yarn and to Diane C. for delivering it to us!
Here are a couple lovely notes we've received lately.

 This note from Jody Gilbertson came with about 28 hats of various sizes and designs, 6 mittens and a fantastic blanket.

Wow! Sandi dropped off two large bags of hats at our Cambridge drop-off site in January.

We are so grateful for the relationship we have with the VA. What lovely people we connect with there.
Amy's speech, video-style
Here is the speech Amy gave during our Year 3 anniversary meet-up at Silverwood Park on Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016:

Year 3!! I know you’re all looking forward to hearing the numbers this year, and I am excited to bring them to you!! First, I have to say, though, how amazed I am by the dedication of this group. We are 3 years in and still going strong! The “member list” jumped from 70 to 84 this year, meaning that 14 NEW people contributed to the group in one way or another in 2015. Keep spreading the word!

Team Yarn donated to 9 different facilities this year (same as last year, by the way): Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis, Minnesota Oncology in Minneapolis, Fairview Riverside NICU, U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital (twice!!), St. John’s Hospital, Woodwinds Cancer Care Center, Cambridge Hospital Harbor Room, the VA Medical Center, and Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. In addition, Team Yarn contributed hats to the Alissa M. Haines Stomp Out Suicide 5K in Wyoming, MN for their silent auction. This was especially timely and poignant, as one of our group members knitted several hats in grief and in remembrance of her neighbor and friend, who committed suicide ...and we have a number of group members who participated in the 5K this year and in past years.  We gave away hats, blankets, and shawls to at least six individuals this year, known to our group or friends of our group, including one special little boy from Israel, whom we had the privilege of meeting at the U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital.  

All told, Team Yarn members made 558 items this year!! We passed the milestone of 2,000 items since our beginning, and we’ve reached a grand total 2,154! Give yourselves a giant pat on the back AND go out and tell the world! Our numbers are down a little since last year, as many of us also have obligations to ever-changing family, work, and community commitments. That said, if you know someone who would like to join our efforts, please pass along our information. I have stacks of business cards that can be shared!

I’d like to give an extra-special shout out to our top 5 handmade item contributors this year: Sandra Slater with 168, Linda Moore with 95, Bernice Foster (who is currently in sunny Arizona for the winter) with 80, Lorraine Herges (who donates at our Cambridge drop site) with 47, and Tesha Pettit with 26!! Wow! You all are amazing! This makes up over half of our total for the year! TESHA, I can’t believe you made it into the top five with all of the other work you do! You arrange donation drop-offs, take notes & photos, write blog posts, and keep our facebook events up to date! You are incredible...quite possibly a superhero! Thank you for all of that and your consistent, steady support!!

Our group continues to receive feedback on the quality of our items, the care that clearly goes into each piece. Thanks to every single one of you for generously giving of your time, energy and creativity to make Team Yarn MORE than successful. We have more to be proud of than just numbers. From Christmas hats and hats with scarves and flowers and pretty little ribbons...to round blankets and big fluffy blankets tied up with bows...this group honors people by gifting things that are beautiful...things we would want to receive ourselves. 

Finally, HUGE thanks to all of you who are HERE on this cold, cold January day! This meeting has consistently been so warm and friendly, a welcome place of grace and community in the middle of every month. I appreciate all of you! ...and now...CUPCAKES!