Wondering what's in store for Team Yarn this fall? We took some time during the August 2013 meeting to decide where our donations will go for the next few months.

AUGUST 2013 -
Hats and other items to Amplatz Children's Hospital

Update: We contacted Amplatz about delivering hats in August, and this was their reply:

"Thanks for thinking of us again.  The children are LOVING the hats you provided from the previous donation!  Due to the season, we are currently giving them away at a slower rate and don’t have much storage at the moment.  But please keep us in mind in the future, as I know they will go quickly as the weather becomes cooler."

Hats and other items to Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury, Minn.

Update: We will be delivering hats at Woodwinds on 9/10/2013. This was the response from the email we sent to them inquiring about their need for hats:

"Thank you So Much for thinking of Woodwinds!  I enjoyed looking through your blog and Isanti News article.  You are a treasure!  Our cancer care department can Always use hats!  We often run short of prayer shawls too even though we had a group that meets the last Tuesday of the month 6-8pm in one of our conference rooms."

OCTOBER 2013 -
Hats and other items to Harbor Room, Cambridge Medical Center. We will be dropping off items AFTER the October meeting. So, items donated at the September and October meetings will go to the Harbor Room.

* As this month will mark the 1-year anniversary of the death of Amy's mom, Cheryl Slater, we thought it would be nice to return to the Harbor Room, a place that helped her so much during her cancer journey. I (Tesha) plan to make a few items this month in Cheryl's favorite color, purple, as well.

Work on shawls and afghans

Work on shawls and afghans

JANUARY 2014 -
Donate shawls and lapghans to Our Lady of Peace: Home, Health and Hospice in St. Paul, MN

* After the death of a loved one, certain possessions become keepsakes for those left behind, things like handmade shawls and lapghans. We would like to bring some last comfort to those who are dying, and also to the family members as they grieve. Towards that end, we would like to focus on making shawls and lapghans this fall/early winter. We will donate them in January 2014 and mark the 1-year anniversary of Team Yarn. Will you join us in this endeavor?
I can't tell you all how much I appreciate our meet-ups once a month. I just love sitting on the wide, covered patio there at Silverwood Park, working on projects and comparing notes. It's such a relaxing time. I feel like we are all together for a purpose, and that encourages and rejuvenates me.

Mary wasn't able to stay, but she dropped off a great hat!

Mary models her slouch hat. Cute!

I think we all felt this way when we touched this shawl!

Look at those great hats!

Kelli McCully teaches her sister Susie how to crochet. We are all willing to give lessons during our meet-ups. So don't let the lack of knowledge stop you from coming!
Susie's project
Amy works on her Cabbage Patch hat.
The finished Cabbage Patch Hat! Amy and her family came for the Team Yarn meeting from 1-3, and hung out at Silverwood for the rest of the day, enjoying the Roe Family Singer concert later that night.
This month's kids project was to build a mobile.

Team Yarn received a lovely Thank You card from Amplatz Children's Hospital! Your donations are SO appreciated! See for yourself...