In September, we surround ourselves with shade of purple yarn in memory of Cheryl Slater, the woman who left such a hole that the only thing to do after her death was to find a way to bring comfort to other who were sick and struggling with illness.

I have a new understanding of illness these days, as I'm battling Lyme Disease myself, learning firsthand what it is like to be so very tired and sick that it's challenging to get basic things like cooking and cleaning done. It's not easy to crochet when your finger joints hurt, and I haven't been able to do much, but I've been so glad to be surrounded by the group of volunteers we have. You're such good people!

At our September gathering, you donated 70 hats and 9 blankets -- gorgeous items, every one. Looking through our donation boxes is like browsing through the most artisanal Etsy page.

And looking ahead to our drive for Red, White and Blue in November -- We got a few items early.

64 items in August 2016

You continue to bring in donations, even when your hands get sweaty from holding your hooks and needles in the summer sun. You deliver items in a variety of colors. You make creative, fun, and soft things to pass along to the sick.

You, our volunteers, are amazing.

You've fashioned a total of 649 items so far, this year. Wow!

We donated 128 items to Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury on Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016. Once again, we were impressed by the gorgeous new facility there. And they were impressed by the quality of our hats.

Dear Team Yarn,
Thank you so much for the bundle of beautiful hats and for hand delivering them! It was so fun to see the kids involved! Our patients will benefit greatly as fall is nearing and then the Minnesota winter is close behind! Thank you for your generosity and your talent!

"These are gorgeous. Oh, my goodness," remarked Maria as she passed by.

Susan observed that it can be cold in the areas where patients are treated, and these items (120 hats, two scarves, 4 blankets and two mittens) will help keep people warm. It's fitting that our donations contribute in that way, helping Woodwinds maintain the reputation they're known for. Susan moved from Abbot to Woodwinds last November. "This is such a warm environment. It was a good change," she stated.

In a day at Woodwinds, there are:
- 60 patients in for infusions
- 24 in the clinic
- 15 in radiation

The goal at Woodwinds is to have a connected, one-level area where all but the most specialized of care can be accessed, providing a seamless care experience for patients and better communication among care providers. Towards this end, the infusion center will be moved from where it is now to the new addition next year.

This was the third time we have donated to Woodwinds Hospital. Click here to view past donations. It has been nearly four years since Amy's mom, Cheryl, passed away from a rare form of cancer, and 3 1/2 years since Team Yarn was born. "When she passed away, I desperately wanted something to do with my hands," Amy recalled. We continue to share this story with all the people we meet, letting them know what drives us forward. We let folks known that our team stretches across the nation, and nearly all of the yarn we use is donated. "People are great," stated Amy. "People want to help, but alot don't know what to do." When they come to Team Yarn, they realize what they can accomplish with the group.

Posing with the scarf she made!

Some of the upcoming offerings at Woodwinds include:

Breast Cancer is personal, yet it doesn't have to be something you go through alone.