I'm helping organize a benefit for my Uncle Buzz Bonnette, who has terminal kidney cancer. Four of our amazing Team Yarn items will be included in the silent auction, plus a Princess Ilsa hat I'm working to finish! THANK YOU!!

I also hope that you all come out and bowl with us!

Friends and family are planning a Bowling Benefit for Aug. 16, 2014 from noon to 4 p.m. at Elsie’s Bowling Alley in Northeast Minneapolis. Bowling is $10 and includes shoes. There will be games, prizes, silent auction, bake sale, kids activities and more!

To make a donation to the silent auction, contact Kelly at 612-644-8746. To pre-register, email bowlingforbuzz@gmail.com or call 651-248-8972. Or, register at door. To learn more, browse www.BowlingForBuzz.weebly.com.

On the heels of his wife’s fight with a brain tumor, Buzz Bonnette, 62, of Blaine was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. He hasn’t been able to work since January 2014.

His illness has been difficult for his family, and it took awhile to get answers. 

To begin with, he was diagnosed with depression by his family physician. But the medication didn’t help, and after several months his family decided to get an second opinion in April 2014. Within a couple of hours an x-ray revealed a lump in left lung. Buzz was immediately scheduled for a MRI scan the following day which confirmed our worse nightmare.


Buzz was diagnosed with Stage IV sarcamatoid renal cell carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of kidney cancer that has metastasized to his left lung. In June, another scan showed it had spread to his brain.

Bills are starting to pile up, and Buzz needs many comfort items to get him through these days.

“My parents are incredibly generous people,” said Sarah Mack, also of Blaine. “They would give the shirts off their back to help someone out. They’ve never asked for anything from anyone. But now they need help.”

At our July 2014 meeting, we received:
-25 hats
- 88 skeins of yarn -- so much red, white and blue for our November challenge!!)
- 6 crochet hooks
- 3 pairs of knitting needles

Wow! There was so much energy at the meeting. It was simply exciting to be there.

Thank you Kathy McCully and Susie Haen for the yarn donation - so much red, white and blue!! We're planning to donate red, white and blue blankets to the VA Hospital - Minneapolis in November.

A few new people joined our Team, including Al and Kathy Miller, who plan to start attending regularly, and Bernice, Amy's aunt who resides in Wisconsin and will make it when she can.

"It's just a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon," observed Linda Moore. "It's such a nice place to sit together and chat. There's no pressure."

"It's better than doing laundry!" agreed Sandra Slater with a laugh.

We have two new challenges for all of you talented folks:

October 2014 will be PURPLE hat month, in honor of Amy's mom, Cheryl Slater, whose favorite color was purple. Save your purple yarn, and bring your purple hats to the meeting in October! We'll be donating these hats to the Harbor Room at the Cambridge Medical Center.

We are collecting red, white & blue yarn to make blankets for the VA Medical Center. Bonus points if you find several skeins of the same shade of red or blue! Our goal is to bring the Veterans and their families a stack of blankets/lapghans in November 2014!

Yarn, hats and shawls...

We've gotten a couple items donated at Amy's house or in person this month.

Connier Ascherman, who recently lost her husband to cancer, donated 2 shawls.

Another shawl came by mail from Beth Dikeman. Her email said, " I thought something light and warm might be comforting; my mom died of breast cancer when I was 15. Thank you for for accepting my small donation!" Thank YOU, Beth! Your lovely shawl is much appreciated.

And  Rhenda Tantisunthorn Refsland left these bags of yarn on Amy's front porch last week:

Box full of hats & yarn

Joanna Ryan Shelton dropped off a box with gorgeous knit hats and some yarn on June 11, 2014. Thanks so much!

1150 hats and counting

As of June 2014, we have donated 1150 hats/etc. and counting!


At our Father's Day gathering in June 2014, we collected 20 hats and other items from you wonderful craftspeople. Linda made a bunch of matching items: hats and cowls and shawls.

Thank you!!