Best Yarn to Donate

Are you interested in donating yarn to Team Yarn, but you don't know what to buy? Do you know someone who wants to donate, but they need some recommendations? Then this is the blog post for you!!

First, we really want you to know that we value quality over quantity. We want to be sure we're honoring those who receive our donations by gifting them things we would like to receive ourselves. We are known at our donation sites for bringing beautiful, well-crafted, and comforting items to be shared with patients. We want to keep up that reputation by continuing to deliver high quality items! So, although the temptation may be to fill up your cart as much as possible, we'd way rather receive a smaller donation of the softest, squishiest yarn you can afford.

Second, we know it can still be really, really hard to know what to choose. So, we've created this list. It is not exhaustive, but it can be helpful if you're standing in the yarn aisle feeling stuck. Here are some yarns we love:

  • Loops & Threads: especially Charisma or Impeccable
  • Caron Simply Soft
  • Lion Brand: especially Heartland, Vanna's Choice, Homespun, and Fun Fur
  • Red Heart Soft (only the Soft kind)
  • Bernat Boa
  • Paton Metallic
  • Isaac Mizrahi

Thanks a bunch to all of you who are part of this Team! We couldn't do it without you!