We delivered 101 hats and 5 shawls to the Cancer Care Center at Fairview Southdale Hospital on Thursday, June 1, 2017. We were surprised to learn it had been two years since someone had donated hats at this metro-area hospital, and agreed that we'll put them on our regular rotation schedule.

"Oh, thank you so much," said Kim Boysen. "We have a patient right now who would love these colors."

"We're pleased you can use hats right now," remarked Amy. Kim reassured us that it's always chilly in their treatment rooms because of the big windows there. Nursing staff regularly make tied fleece blankets for patients to keep them cozy.

We let Kim know that we hope they feel free to be generous with the hats and to give away more than one to each person, as we're happy to deliver more when they run out! Just give us a call. Kim was excited to be able to use a colorful hat to brighten the day of a patient who might need it, especially one who has been there a long time. "Something like this is really nice," said Kim. She told us she was looking forward to attending her Team Meeting later that day to share the news about the hats and help them get back in the habit of offering them to patients.

We got a little lost finding the in patient area, but were helped by this kind employee -- who also found us a cart so we didn't have to carry the boxes around! THANK YOU!!

The Cancer Care treatment center at Southdale is a 43-bed unit, and also serves some urology patients. They see about 22 patients with leukemia a year, and those may be there up to 12 weeks. In all, 2000 patients a year come through their unit, according to Kim.

One of the side effects they see from the chemo is severe nervopathy, where it is painful for the patient to get something out of the fridge. They like to give these people mittens, observed Kim. They also like to give away stuffed animals -- especially to help calm those with delirium or dementia "They really like to cuddle things and rock them," remarked Kim. So, for anyone of our volunteers looking for a new challenge... feel free to get creative!

Maddie at the Ronald McDonald house praised our wonderful handcrafted items on Thursday, June 1, 2017 when we dropped off 91 hats, 6 blankets and 1 shawl. "They're so soft!" she said. "Thank you guys."

"We know its nice to have something soft and fuzzy," Amy responded, pointing out that we're a Twin Cities-based organization that strives to keep our donations local, as well. The hats we delivered at the main Ronald McDonald house may also go to the smaller hospital sites at Minneapolis Children's, St. Paul Children's and Gillette's.

This was not our first visit to the Ronald McDonald House. We donated in December 2013 and January 2015 to the Minneapolis location, and in March 2014 to the Rochester location. Click here to learn more about our past donations and the good work done at the Ronald McDonald House.

Anyone who wants to, is encouraged to collect and donate pop tabs. There is a collection dumpster in the parking lot of the Minneapolis location which is weighed periodically. They're also always in need of paper products, according to Maddie.