My first big project

It took me a month and a half, but I finally finished my first shawl. I'm so proud of it!! A lot of work - and good thoughts - went into this shawl.

My aunt taught me how to crochet when I was in fourth or fifth grade, and I crocheted a little doll as my first project. I was pretty excited about my new skill, so I passed it along to my childhood best friend, Amy. Then I stopped crocheting... Until last winter when Amy brought me to a craft night she was attending and she retaught me. Ah. Good things go around, don't they?

My first project last winter was a few headbands. Then I did a few Easter eggs. Then a few hats. And then came the shawl.

I have a special person in mind for this project. It's a woman in the middle of her second go-around with cancer. A woman I've known since I was a small child. A woman I love. I hope this shawl brings her comfort.

Here it is:

Find original pattern here:


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