Cold Press Coffee

It has finally arrived...the long-awaited cold press coffee post!

At our last Team Yarn meet-up, talk turned from yarn to coffee, and I mentioned that I've made cold press coffee myself using simple implements already available in my kitchen. I will not spend $$ on a cold press coffee maker, especially since the ones currently on the market are plastic and ugly (my not-so-very-humble opinion).

I love cold press coffee for the lower acid content and the little bit of sweetness that emerges from the cold brew method. If you'd like to make your own, here's how:

Step 1: Measure coffee grounds & water into glass pitcher using a 1:4 ratio. 
Step 2: Cover the pitcher and leave the grounds to soak for about 12 hours.
Step 3: Pour the contents of the pitcher through a coffee filter into another pitcher.
Step 4: The coffee produced is a concentrate and should be enjoyed using a 1:4 coffee to water/milk/ice ratio.
I have 2 of these glass pitchers. I used the first to soak 2 cups of grounds with 8 cups of water overnight. I gently stirred the grounds into the water to be  sure that they were all soaking. The next morning, I poured from the first pitcher through the reusable coffee filter into the second pitcher. Done. (Coffee concentrate should be stored in the refrigerator.) 


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