25 hats, 88 skeins of yarn, 6 crochet hooks and 3 pairs of knitting needles

At our July 2014 meeting, we received:
-25 hats
- 88 skeins of yarn -- so much red, white and blue for our November challenge!!)
- 6 crochet hooks
- 3 pairs of knitting needles

Wow! There was so much energy at the meeting. It was simply exciting to be there.

Thank you Kathy McCully and Susie Haen for the yarn donation - so much red, white and blue!! We're planning to donate red, white and blue blankets to the VA Hospital - Minneapolis in November.

A few new people joined our Team, including Al and Kathy Miller, who plan to start attending regularly, and Bernice, Amy's aunt who resides in Wisconsin and will make it when she can.

"It's just a nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon," observed Linda Moore. "It's such a nice place to sit together and chat. There's no pressure."

"It's better than doing laundry!" agreed Sandra Slater with a laugh.


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