Donations to those we know who are battling cancer now

In September 2014, we donated items to a few people that either Amy and I know or we know those who are close to them.

Team Yarn put together a stash of hats and a prayer shawl for Sandy Nienow, the mother of a long-time friend of Tesha & Amy. Sandy was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy treatment beginning 9/26/2014. Please join us in supporting Sandy with all of our encouraging thoughts and prayers!

We brought some Team Yarn goods to the Morning Blend Bible Study at Park Avenue to share with the women who have family members and friends with cancer and chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, cancer and chronic illness are a very real part of the daily lives of many of these women, and we offered out support and love with hats and prayer shawls. 
Pat Clark's sister, Terri, is just starting chemo for cancer.
Beth selected a prayer shawl to send to a long-time family friend, Helen, who has extreme daily pain from a brain injury.

Shanna Barnes selected a few prayer shawls and several hats to send to her mother in Washington State who is currently battling cancer.


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