A hug in the mail

We shipped off a few packages at the end of October. One went up to Duluth to encourage young Dexter battling Stage 4 cancer and his mom, Jenny (formerly of Minneapolis). See his Caring Bridge site here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/dexterojeda

"Dexter really likes his new hat!! He begins chemotherapy on Monday. Please keep him and his family in your prayers!" said his mom Jenny.

Another package went down south to Alisha in Mississippi, a woman both Amy and I have know since we were young. Her mom is battling Stage 4 cancer here in Minnesota, and she's faced with the tough burden of helping her mom from afar.

"I got the sweetest hug in the mail today! What a blessing! Thanks for all the encouragement!!" said Alisha.

Sandy wrote: "Amy, I want to thank you and your Team Yarn for the AWESOME hats you gave me--and the AWESOME prayer shawl! What an absolutely lovely thing to do for people! You are all such a blessing to ME and to many others. They will come in very handy with this cold weather coming. I had been planning on spending the winter in Florida with my friend and some with Alisha in Mississippi. So It'll be hard to have to stay in the "frozen tundra" instead. The hats will be a big help. I've lost most of my hair, but still have some. Goes with the territory, I guess. But the hats were beautiful and please tell your daughter that I especially appreciated the one SHE made! Alisha knows I love purple, and I saw that they were all purple! Please keep praying for me--as God has been answering prayers and keeping my body strong and increasing my appetite. God is in CONTROL of my life, but He did say to pray for one another. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you and your group once again!! God bless you ALL!!"

Sandy's daughter Heather picked up the box of hats and a shawl from Amy to deliver to her mother.



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