A hat to cheer and comfort

When we hear of a need, we respond. That's the beauty of being a small organization.

Amy and I attend a bible study at Park Ave. United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, and a number of women are connected to people who are battling cancer. In November, Tricia pulled out a few hats for her cousin, Glennan, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is beginning her treatment in Louisiana.

Patti also took a few items to cheer the life of her neighbor, a young mom who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. We encouraged them to select a few item so that the women had a variety of hats to pick from in order to match their outfits and moods that day. The beauty of having a friend get a few items for you is that then they don't feel as it they're being greedy by taking more than one item. And then the friend can also be comforted that she is doing something to help. It's a win-win.

May these items bring hope and comfort...


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