Meet Kristin Lawson, who donated a box of pretty yarn

Meet Kristin Lawson, who donated a box of beautiful yarn to Team Yarn recently.

She heard about us by googling "Yarn donation," and came across the Lion brand list. "Your group seemed like the best fit for me," explained Lawson. "I was looking for a younger group that was local to the cities."

Team Yarn mostly serves the Twin Cities area, primarily donating to hospitals and cancer resource centers within the 7-county metro area. That way, we avoid spending cash donations on shipping costs and keep the hats, lapghans and shawls close to the folks who fashioned them.

Lawson said, "I have been lucky enough to not really have been touched by cancer, but I appreciate what you're doing for those who have. Half of the yarn was for an afghan I was going to make for my daughter, but because we have dogs I was afraid it would be ruined quickly so I never got very far.

"The other yarn I inherited from my grandma who was an avid knitter. I think she would be much happier with the yarn being used for a good cause instead of sitting in my house until my kids are older and I have time to use it.

"I'm very glad that you will find this yarn useful and I hope that it gives other people some comfort."

Kristin, we are so happy to have it. Thank you!


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