79 purple items in September 2016

In September, we surround ourselves with shade of purple yarn in memory of Cheryl Slater, the woman who left such a hole that the only thing to do after her death was to find a way to bring comfort to other who were sick and struggling with illness.

I have a new understanding of illness these days, as I'm battling Lyme Disease myself, learning firsthand what it is like to be so very tired and sick that it's challenging to get basic things like cooking and cleaning done. It's not easy to crochet when your finger joints hurt, and I haven't been able to do much, but I've been so glad to be surrounded by the group of volunteers we have. You're such good people!

At our September gathering, you donated 70 hats and 9 blankets -- gorgeous items, every one. Looking through our donation boxes is like browsing through the most artisanal Etsy page.

And looking ahead to our drive for Red, White and Blue in November -- We got a few items early.


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