Making sure the hospice rooms are homey

Can you envision one of these on a bed, welcoming a patient to Our Lady of Peace Home, Health and Hospice in St. Paul?

The staff could, and were overjoyed when we dropped off 9 shawls and blankets on Nov. 2, 2016. When the nuns started the facility, they wanted didn't want it to be institutionalized, a staff member explained to us. It's small touches like these blankets that keep it homey.

Amy mentioned that we didn't know if they needed shawls or just blankets, but we brought a few along. We care about caregivers too, and we know that a shawl can bring them comfort. We encouraged the staff to feel free to share the shawls (and blankets) with patients and their caregivers.

"They're beautiful. We'll make good use of them here," said Cindie S., who staffs the front desk. (Read more about Cindie here).

Read more about Our Lady of Peace and our past donations by clicking here.


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