Over 3,000 total items!

As of Dec. 31, 2016, you wonderful people have fashioned 3,092 items that have passed through Team Yarn and gone on to comfort those battling cancer and other illnesses.
Let that sink it.
It's an amazing number.
It represents far over 3,092 hours. Some of those items have been small, very small. Premie hats. Others have been ample blankets that took hours and hours and many skeins of yarn to create. The items that come through our hands are all the shades of the rainbow and we're always amazed at your creativity. And the quality.
You do good work, Team Yarn volunteers.

At our December meeting the week before Christmas, you brought in 117 hats and 1 blanket. This number includes the 75 hats Sandi Fischer dropped off at our Cambridge drop-off site at Century 21.

Isn't this little ring handy for cutting yarn?
While this isn't something we'll donate through Team Yarn, Tesha models a fun bun hat created by Sandy for a friend.


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