Saving the world, one stich at a time

We have a new motto! We tossed it around and are proud to announce that soon we'll be selling t-shirts and more pronouncing...

Team Yarn
Saving the world one stitch at a time

We wanted something that reflected the variety of different handicrafts reflected in the items made by our volunteers, who knit, crochet, sew and more. So we felt that the word "Stitch" most accurately reflected that rather than hook or pearl or needle. We also wanted to express the fun we have as a group. We want to help people, but we don't want to come off as a group overly focused on our own good works -- and a lot of the various words and phrases we tried out came off that way. We're just people, helping people. And we know how quickly and easily the situation could be reversed. And so, we settled on something that was a little quirky and a lot fun.

Let Tesha know if you're interested in a t-shirt, tank top, tote bag, or other. Anyone need a superhero cape?


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