March meet-up and a donation that went both ways

You brought in 69 items in March 2017. We also received yarn from Joanne Cyr. Thank you all so much!

I actually missed our March meet-up because I was on vacation, but Amy snapped this great shot of you all and sent it my way so I wouldn't miss you too much!

Earlier in the month, we received a big bag of yarn via Cathy Higgins. She contacted us by email and told us her story.

This is wonderful timing that I learned about Team Yarn.  Our Mother was a crocheter and past away from cancer a few years.  My younger sister took her yarn, but decided it is more than she can use.  So she asked me if I knew a place to donate the yarn.  My sister is fighting cancer herself.

We were delighted by the large bag of yarn! Thank you!! And, recognizing the toll cancer takes, we sent Cathy with a beautiful blanket to give to her sister to keep her warm and cozy while going through her treatments.

"Thank you Linda Krannich for the beautiful afghan. Attached is a picture of me with the afghan."

Carol Higgins
2 time Cancer Survivor


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