February Meeting ~ A Huge Success!

Again, I have to just say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who came to the Team Yarn meeting this month! I was overwhelmed with the beautiful items turned out by this group, and by the way many of you have spread the word to family and friends! When I left my house Sunday morning to come to the meeting, the yarn box was nearly empty, and the donation box had a small but respectable pile of 15 hats & a shawl. I came home with 35 hats in the box, 3 shawls, 2 scarves & 2 pairs of mittens!!
Tuesday afternoon, I received another package in the mail from my cousin-in-law, Connie Miller, adding 3 more hats to the stash...
Thanks to all of you, the box is nearly bursting!
And we have enough yarn to keep us busy for a good long time! Thanks to Deborah Peterson and Jenn Johnson for more yarn donations this month! I don't have photos of nearly all of it because a large portion went home with Team Yarn members on Sunday. I'm sure we'll see that yarn next month all worked up into beautiful items!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Team Yarn!


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