OUT AND ABOUT: Our visit with the OLLI Knitting Group

Today, on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, Amy and I met with the OLLI Knitting Group.

This is the first in our promotion efforts to draw in more craftspeople willing to be part of Team Yarn. (If you know of a group we should visit, or a place to hang a flyer, please let us know!)

Marian Eisner's husband, Rick, is battling Merkel Cell Carcinoma. She is in the red sweater (and was knitting a very fun scarf!)
Amy tells the OLLI Knitting Group about Team Yarn, what we're about and how we came to be.

The OLLI Knitting Group has been meeting unofficially for about 10 years, but it has officially been a part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of Minnesota for the last couple years. The group meets at the Shir Tikvah at 1360 West Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis once a month.

Today, there were 8 women there, knitting together. They didn't know each other before joining the group, but have found they have many interests, such as travel and politics. Their friendship grows during each month's meeting.

They bring their own various projects to the meeting, and it they are stumped, they find it's a great place to get help.

Seeing each other's work also inspires them.

(As they told us about themselves, I found myself hearing a description of what I want Team Yarn to be for its members.)

The ladies have knit for a large part of their lives. Some years, they've done more. During others, they've been too busy to keep up with their hobby. But they all find themselves able to focus on the craft now.

Trying on one of Team Yarn's finished hats...

The scarf Marian Eisner is working on.

The OLLI knitting group members enjoyed passing around the items we brought, admiring the work and trying hats on.

OLLI members hard at work on their own knitting projects.

Our brochure. (Let us know if you have a place to distribute brochure and flyers!)

We were invited to visit with the group by member Marian Eisner, whose husband Rick has battled Merkel Cell Carcinoma for a decade. Thanks so much, Marian, for the chance to present our cause to another group of women who might want to be part of Team Yarn!!

Learn more about the OLLI Knitting Group here:


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