March Meeting - Continually Amazed!

Thanks to all of you who made the March 2013 meet-up such a success! I am continually amazed by your outpouring of generosity and CREATIVITY! I was delighted to see people trying new things, exchanging information, and sharing tips and tricks...including how to crochet while using the computer and how to make cold press coffee (coming soon in another post)!
We left the meeting with 71 beautiful, handmade items. 51 were delivered by Mary Bulfer from The Refuge in Cambridge, MN. Mary walked in with three gift bags packed tightly with hats and a big smile on her face!
Today, the numbers stand at 178 - with a few more still trickling in this week!! We will be heading over to Children's Hospital to drop this bunch of donations on Friday. Every time that I think I cannot be more amazed, I am surprised!


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