Who was Sandra Schulze? Why is the Hope Lodge named after her family?

The Richard M. Schulze Family Hope Lodge, a concept of the American Cancer Society, is the outcome of the generosity for the citizens of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the compassion shown by the University of Minnesota, and the Richard M. Schulze Family. It proudly stands today in Minneapolis and in Rochester, MN in honor of Richard’s late wife Sandy, who died of mesotheliome on June 22, 2001. It is a true partnership of caring, and a perfect reflection of Sandy’s special way of helping others cope with the treatments needed to battle this difficult disease.

Sandra was a woman you would never forget. She was Sandy to everyone and she never forgot a face. Her warm smile, compassionate manner, wise eyes and gentle touch always let you know she was listening and interested in you. She made you feel special.

Sandy was born in Hopkins, Minnesota on December 11, 1940. She lived most of her life in Minnesota. She earned her Associates Degree from the University of Minnesota and married Richard Schulze on June 2, 1962. Sandy had four children and five grandchildren when she passed away on June 22, 2001 of mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos.

Sandy’s life was exciting and busy! She stayed home with her children while raising them, she supported, encouraged and assisted her husband with his career, building Best Buy Co., INc. She loved to visit the stores and talk with store employees and their families. She considered them a part of her family.

Sandy cared deeply about others, and was always quick to offer a helping hand, words of encouragement, along with a friendly smile. She was truly touched by the many people she knew who were affected by cancer. Trying her best to add some encouragement and cheer to their lives, she cared for them with visits, phone calls, letters of hope and prayers. When she was diagnosed with cancer in December 2000, her six-month battle was short, but reminded us all to live each day to its fullest.

Sandy was treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and in her memory the family gifted an expansion to the existing Rochester Hope Lodge resulting in the addition of 32 more rooms and community spaces. It is now named the Sandra J. Schulze American Cancer Society Hope Lodge and has 60 rooms for patients and their caregivers. The family also gifted five million dollars to build and endow the Minneapolis Hope Lodge with 40 rooms and community spaces to assist patients and their caregivers as they seek medical services in the Twin Cities.

The family’s wish for you would be that you find strength, encouragement, support, compassion, camaraderie, and faith during your stay at the Hope Lodge. And as you leave its door, may hope, peace, and good health follow you always.


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