Thanks so much for your donations!

We have been blessed lately with several donations.

On May 24, Amy's aunt Carol Tews send a big box of yarn. See post here.

At our May Team Yarn meeting, Kelli McCully arrived with a big box of yarn donated by her mother, Kathy McCully. And Brenda Lewis brought a box of yarn from a co-worker at REI, Terry Banovetz Gerst. Wow!

 In June, we received a monetary donation from an old friend of ours from Chadashchay, Misti (Thompsen) Wery. Amy opened up her baby shower invitation and a note and check fell out. "Nearly made me cry!" said Amy. "Thanks, sweet lady!"

Like always, we will be bringing the yarn to Team Yarn meetings so that all of you can grab some to create more beautiful items.

We used part of the money donated to buy some new business cards. We had been printing out our own at Amy's house, but each time was quite an adventure requiring lots of time getting things to print just right. Quite frankly, it was a hassle. So, we decided to order some new cards from VistaPrint. This way we can be sure the quality is always top notch. We were able to order 5,000! Yay! We hope this batch will last us awhile, although we know it won't last too long. We attach a business card to each item that we donate, and we've already donated over 400 items in the short six months we've been operating. Many of you also write a personal note of encouragement on the back of each card.

Thanks to all of you, Team Yarn has been able to touch the lives of so many cancer patients. Give yourselves a pat on the back!


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