Two crochet lessons at May 2013 meeting

Thanks to some great spring weather, we met outside at Silverwood Park for our May 2013 meeting. It was a lovely day, full of the pieces that make our meeting so meaningful: good conversation, tips, inspiration, and coffee.

Amy taught two people how to crochet! Her dad, Brad, thought he'd try it out. Then a young girl at Silverwood with her family for the day wandered over. Intrigued, she asked what we were doing. One thing led to another, and soon she was sitting down with a needle in hand like the rest of us.

This month's donations will be going to Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

This little girl learned how to crochet during our meeting. She was at Silverwood Park with her family for the day.

Amy taught her dad, Brad, how to crochet, as well at our May meeting. See a video on our Facebook page!
The rain held off until our meeting had ended, but it posed a bit of a challenge to us stragglers! Here, Aurora takes shelter under a table.
Kelli browses through Tesha's book on prayer shawls to get ideas for her next project. See post here for more on this great book.
Yum. A cold drink from the Silverwood coffee shop.
Linda's show and tell. One of the most inspiring parts of our meetings is seeing the beautiful things others have made.
Amy hands out business cards. A card is attached to each item we donate. Those who attend our meetings typically write an encouraging note on the back.
Hats by Kelli McCully

Amy documenting our meetings. (We made sure the cameras were out in May after we both forgot to snap any photos at the April meeting!!)

Brad and Axel - he's quite the distraction!
How's a mama to get anything done? Tesha & Axel.


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