77 hats to the Harbor Room

Head Huggers returned to the Harbor Room at the Cambridge Medical Center in October 2013 to donate 77 hats and scarves. (Learn more about the Harbor Room here and here.)

Many of the items were purple, in honor of Cheryl Slater, a lifetime Isanti County resident who died one year ago after battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Slater’s favorite color was purple.

Team Yarn made its first donation to the Harbor Room in January 2013. According to Team Yarn co-founder Amy (Slater) Pass, she wanted to give back to the Harbor Room since it helped her mother, Cheryl, when she was going through cancer. Pass credits the Harbor Room for inspiring her to begin Team Yarn.

“The people that come in to the Harbor Room are kind of in despair and going through a rough time. When they get a fun hat, it totally changes their day,” said Bonnie Gutzkow-Bowman of the Harbor Room. “Thank you, Team Yarn, for making all these beautiful hats. It means a lot."
The Cambridge Volleyball Team is selling these lovely shirts to raise money for the Harbor Room.

This bike from the Outdoor Edge is being raffled off for the second time. Dr. Patton won it earlier this fall, but then turned around and donated it back to raise even more $ for the Harbor Room.

This basket of goodies goes around to people in for treatments to provide them with something fun to do.


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