Our first donations: to the Harbor Room at Cambridge Medical Center

Today, on behalf of our Team Yarn - Head Huggers group, Amy and I visited the Harbor Room in Cambridge and presented them with our first collection of 40 items.

The Harbor Room in Cambridge offers a wide range of resources, information, support and guidance to individuals with cancer and those who support them. It's a calm, comfortable space with an abundance of useful resources to help those going through the cancer journey cope with some of the issues surrounding cancer care and treatment. Amy's mom was greatly assisted by the Harbor Room during her fight with cancer. It was very meaningful to give our first donations to them.

As Amy said:
"My mom received a number of items from the Harbor Room when she was first diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted them to be the recipients of our first Team Yarn donations. It's really because of the Harbor Room and the items my mom received from there that I even thought of doing something like Team Yarn.

"I watched the growth of the short stay/chemotherapy unit at Cambridge Medical Center firsthand over the course of the year that my mom was treated there, and I know that Cambridge Medical Center is treating a growing number of cancer patients. Though this is sadly unfortunate, it means that our help is all the more needed."

Bonnie Gutzkow-Bowman of the Harbor Room told us that they will give away as much as they have.

To contact the Harbor Room, call 763-689-8415.

Bonnie from the Harbor Room
Hats and scarves currently at the Harbor Room. The Harbor Room also provides wigs, head scarves, mastectomy bras/prosthetics and the "Beautiful You" make-up application program. We enjoyed looking at the items made by the Knit Wits of Braham!
The Harbor Room is located just inside the main door at Cambridge Medical Center. There is a comfortable space with chairs, a rocker, and a couch. There's a computer for doing research, and large library. It is staffed by volunteers.

The Harbor Room informational table. The more you know...

Our box full of donations
The lending library at the Harbor Room. Most services offered here are free.
While we were there, Bonnie from the Harbor Room gave back to us. She gave us a rack to display hats on! We'll be using it for future photos of our donated items!! Thanks so much, Bonnie!


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