100 hats to the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester

On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, we dropped off 100 items at the Ronald McDonald House in Rochester. It was a special visit as Amy's relatives are currently staying there. We were able to hang out with the Andersons -- Jackie (mom), Saphire (sister who underwent treatment last summer) and Levi (the current patient) -- while we were visiting. 

"Thank you so much for this donation," Sue Weber told us.  "We are glad that you can use them," responded Amy.


The Ronald McDonald House is a “home away from home” for families who must travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to seek medical treatment for their children. The House provides shelter and support to families facing difficult days and long nights. Families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House share their stories and gain new insights as they meet children and parents with similar concerns. The House is a place to share hopes and dreams. 

In 2011, 990 families called it HOME. Families came from 40 states and 22 different countries.

There are 42 total guest rooms.  Six of the rooms are specially designed as long-term guest rooms, providing expanded space for those families who must stay months for prolonged medical care. Each regular guest room has a queen size bed and a twin bed with a trundle bed underneath or twin bunkbeds. They can accommodate five people per guest room.  There is also a private bathroom. Each room has a closet, drawers, shelves, desk area, telephone with voicemail and all-in-one computer system (computer with webcam, TV & DVD).

Families are allowed to stay as long as their child is receiving medically necessary care; inpatient or 4 appointments per week if outpatient. The average stay is 7-10 days. Thanks to donations there are pantry foods available -- just enough for a light snack or a quick meal. A shuttle service takes families to and from the clinic and hospital. At times grocery & gas gift certificates are donated, which are of great help to families facing financial stress. Donated phone cards also help families keep in touch with loved ones at home. Community members provide opportunities for our guests to get together at House Dinners and other fun activities in the house. Tutors can be arranged for children by the Rochester Public School system. Area support groups meet at the Ronald McDonald House monthly and families are encouraged to attend their meetings.

General donations amount to 55% of the House budget, while revenue from special events makes up about 25%. Guest receipts (the $15/night families are asked to contribute toward their stay) make up about 10% of the annual budget for the House.  10% of the annual revenues are generated from “other” miscellaneous sources. McDonald’s sponsor special events, support the pop tab program, and collect donations through their store canisters, a percentage of which, support the Rochester Ronald McDonald House.


Four Rochester area families united together around a common vision -to provide a “home away from home” for families with seriously ill children in 1979. 

These families reached out to doctors, nurses, social workers, business leaders and community members with a goal of securing a home for families with ill children, a home where children, siblings and parents could support one another as they shared similar medical scenarios – as well as a home where they could share the responsibility and costs, of day-to-day living.
In 1980, they realized their goal with the formation of Northland Children’s Services, a nonprofit organization established to operate a 12-bedroom home for families with seriously ill children. 

The House, located at 613 Second Street SW, operated for 10 years as Northland House.  Then, due to the efforts of a strong core of volunteers as well as the support of then McDonalds owner/operator Phil Henoch, the Northland House was invited to become a licensed Ronald McDonald House in 1990. 

The affiliation with Ronald McDonald House gave children and their families a common “face” to look for, a smiling clown after whom the home is named.  It also provided higher visibility and recognition in our own community, and enhanced our ability to raise much-needed funds to support daily operations.

The Ronald McDonald House operated for another 5 years at its original site on Second Street.
In 1995, they moved to the present location at 850 2nd St. SW.  Ronald McDonald House became a 24 guestroom home, complete with living areas, kitchen, laundry, playrooms and a game room for children to enjoy.  In the new facility, each room was accommodated with a private bathroom (a great improvement from the “old House). The board, volunteers and community rallied to build and support this facility raising $2.2 million for construction costs.

An organized volunteer program of “HouseWarmers” was developed to help support day-to-day activity at the House.  HouseWarmers greet visitors to the House, they answer calls, assist with light housekeeping and help check new families into the House.  More than 100 volunteers serve as HouseWarmers throughout the course of the year. In 2012, 300 volunteers gave 13,873 hours of service to the house, with an estimated valued of $302,000.

The next several years saw increasing need for our mission and in 2004, we opened 18 additional rooms, expanding this home to 42 total guest rooms.
LEARN MORE @ https://rmhmn.org/

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