More blessed to give... Thoughts from our March meet-up

The adage that you feel best when you give really is true, isn't it?

I know that when we all come together for our Team Yarn meetings, my heart feels light.

What we're doing and why has given me plenty of sorrow-filled moments. Knowing how tough it is for people fighting cancer hits me sometimes in the middle of the night and the tears come. There are days when my heart is overcome with memories of the people I've cared about who have recently lost their battle with cancer... Cheryl... Judy... Bob... Larry... It can be overwhelming.

But then, along comes our monthly Team Yarn meeting. And I look at all those who are gathered. I admire the amazing handiwork coming out of our group. We laugh and chat and share. And I come home renewed, grateful for this work and those who are carrying it on. And my heart is light.

Yes, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

You are all inspiring!
The yarn donated by Kat Davis was claimed quickly at the meeting!
Sandy and Brad hauled in a box of yarn donated from friends.
Look at that bag of hats and shawls! Wow!
Ann arrived with two gorgeous shawls and a stack of hats.
Kelli's stack of U of M hats!
Ann's blue shawl - Look at that edging!
Lexi decided to learn how to crochet at our meeting. She went home and whipped out a hat on a loom that night!
Sandy's nails matched her yarn! She isn't able to crochet right now because of wrist problems, but using a dental tool and a loom, she's whipping out a bunch of hats again!

The long-awaited box finally arrived! Amy's aunt mailed this box of yarn and mittens in December, but it disappeared. Until last week, when it suddenly resurfaced!
Home because of foot surgery, Kelli has discovered a love of crocheting! And brought a pile of hats to prove it!
A big THANKS to Mary McCluskey for stopping by our March meet-up with a bag of yarn and a check for us to buy more!!


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