60 children's hats to Amplatz

Today, Thursday, May 29. 2014, we dropped off 60 fun and funky children's hats at Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.

We donated there last year in June. Read about all the good work they do at Amplatz here in the post titled: Kids at Amplatz Like All Sorts of Hats.

Children age 0-25 are treated at Amplatz. Some are outpatient and some inpatient. Each month, roughly 1,000 kids go through the Amplatz outpatient clinic. When it comes to choosing a hat, kids at Amplatz are all different. Some want one that’s a certain color. Others want a different hat for each day. They view a hat like a hairstyle, and want lots of variety. Some just want a hat that keeps their head warm. Others care a great deal about texture.

We didn't come in on a day when the Child Family Life advocates were working, the the lady at the front desk thanked us for the great donations. At an average value of $15 a hat (and really, these handmade beauties are worth more!), we donated a value of $900. Pat yourself on the backs for that!!


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