74 hats, 1 scarf to Hope Lodge

Allison Spicher exuberantly praised the two boxes of hats we dropped off at the Minneapolis Hope Lodge on Thursday, May 15, 2014. "They are beautiful!" she said. "They look really warm."

Spicher told us they would make great prizes during Bingo that evening. Plus, they will put the hats out in the box where guests can look through them at their leisure.

We delivered 74 hat and 1 scarf to the Richard M. Schulze Family American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Minneapolis on Thursday, May 15, 2014. Left to right: Aurora, Amy, Josey, Axel, Tesha & Jenn.
Adults receiving cancer treatments in the Twin Cities area who reside 40 miles away can receive free lodging at the Hope Lodge in Minneapolis.

Team Yarn made its first donation to the Minneapolis Hope Lodge in Minneapolis in February 2013, and surprisingly (to us) Debbie Nelson, our tour guide from before, recalled our group.

"I just think the Hope Lodges are such a great deal," remarked Team Yarn co-founder Amy Pass during our visit. "It's totally impressive."

Debbie Nelson of the Hope Lodge noted that last year was the first year that the Minneapolis facility has been self-sustaining, and they hope that continues.

Learn more about the free services offered at Hope Lodge that we learned about on previous visits here.

Jenn carries in a box of hats.

Cousins Amy and Jenn

Allison Spicher admires our donation.

"We're the family you didn't really want to have," said Debbie Nelson.

It was fun to see the courtyard in the spring, as our last donation was made during the winter. A group of volunteers had planted items just the night before our visit, and it looks gorgeous!

Our group with Debbie Nelson (left) and Allison Spicher (right).


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