54 hats and a lap blanket donated at the December meet-up

At the December 2014 meet-up, 54 hats and a lap blanket were donated. A good chunk of them came from teenager Lexi. Wow! You're inspiring!! You all inspire me every single month.

That brings our 2014 total to 808, about 20 more than our first year. And as everyone becomes more experienced, every item we donate becomes better and better. Learn more about our year during our second annual celebration meet-up on Jan. 18, 2015. See you from 1-3! (Special program at 1:30pm.)

Lexi and her mom Kelly
Yep, this teenager made all that hats filling that bag!

Little crochet hearts decorate these knit hats made by Brenda

We love it when new people attend our meetings! Hope you come back, Kathy!

There's plenty for the kiddos to do while the moms chat and crochet.

A stack by Linda
The basket Linda's hats come in each month.


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