Red, white and blue for the VA - we brought 13 blankets, 41 hats, and a scarf

We brought 41 hats, a scarf, and 13 blankets to the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014.

The donations were a result of several months of dedicated effort by our talented and creative volunteers. Linda's tip for finishing 4 blankets? Work on them all at once and switch between them so you don't get bored.

Linda with one of the four blankets she made during our red, white and blue drive.

The entire room of volunteer service staff were so appreciate of our work, and they ooh'd and ah'd as they looked through the boxes we brought. "Wow, this is wonderful!" one said. 

Meegan Johnson said, "Aren't they pretty? Thank you so much ladies!"

"Thank you so much!" echoed John.

Amy pointed out, "We try to meet the needs of the people we're donating to." Because of that, we embarked on a concentrated effort to make red, white and blue lap blankets after donating to the VA in May 2014. While we were there, a volunteer had let us know that those items would be really appreciated by the veterans and their families. She encouraged us to make big lap blankets, not small ones. And so we did!

Learn more about the VA over at this earlier post.

This cart was being pushed around by a volunteer the day we were there. Note the hats and blankets on the bottom being given out? This is how some of the Team Yarn donations will be distributed.


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