60 items in April 2015

After a winter in warmer spots, Bernice returned in April with a bag full of hats and more! She was just in time to celebrate brother Brad's 60th birthday at the Team Yarn meeting. Sisters Linda and Kathy were also there to join with the rest of the Team Yarn handicrafters in wishing Brad a very happy birthday! Yes, there was cake!

Isn't this an inspired item? It's a hat and a scarf!
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Brad. Happy birthday to you!

We'll add this red, white and blue blanket to the stash we'll donate to the VA in November. This year we're asking people to get them done in October so that we can donate them around the Veteran's Day holiday on Nov. 11.
Apparently winters down south are very good for crocheting and knitting!


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