'It will help the ladies a lot'

When making our June 16, 2015 delivery to Woodwinds Hospital, we ran into a man in the waiting room who was quite impressed with our boxes overflowing with handmade items.

"That's really special," he told us. "There's a lot of ladies who need them. It will help the ladies a lot."

Wasn't that wonderful to hear?

In all, we donated 85 items to Woodwinds Hospital, during this second visit. (Read about our first visit and learn more about Woodwinds here.) The box included 81 hats and 4 scarves/cowls.

We chatted with Sarah at the desk in their cancer treatment area. "Wow. You guys have been busy!" she observed. "Thanks so much!" She was delighted to receive out donation as their supply of items to give away was very low.

Although it is summer, Sarah noted that cancer patients often sleep with hats on in order to keep their heads warm.

The HealthEast Cancer Center offers radiation oncology as a new service in Woodbury to complement the medical oncology and infusion therapy services already provided at this location. The opening of this center means patients in Woodbury and its surrounding communities now have access to the same comprehensive care offered at St. John’s Hospital in Maplewood.


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