Changes to Yarn, Patterns and Guidelines

by Amy Pass

Hello Team! We made some changes to the "Yarn, Patterns & Guidelines" page of the blog. Most notably, we added these TWO points on hat sizing:

1) There is NOT a significant demand for child or infant sized hats. We have been turned down by children's hospitals because they have a greater need for teen hats, which, simply put, means adult sizes. If you've already made child/infant hats, we will certainly find a home for them. However, as a group, we're trying to reduce the number of small hats we produce.

2) Experience has taught us that a comfortable adult hat that stays on the head should come down far enough to cover the tips of the ears. There is a tendency, especially among beginners, to make hats that are too short. Use your own head or the head of a friend or family member to measure!

The "Yarn, Patterns & Guidelines" page is also where you can find a longer list of yarn that we especially love! And there are links to a few free pattern pages. I've taken the link to the Team Yarn Pinterest page down for now, as there are a whole lot of children's hats on that page!
Thanks again for all the work you do! Keep Saving the World One Stitch at a Time!


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