Get to know volunteer Sandi Fischer

Sandi Fischer, age 62, of Isanti joined our Team in 2016, and ended the year as one of our top contributors with 174 items! She was surprised to learn of her annual tally. 

"I just love making hats, and thinking that they might brighten someone's day makes it so special to me," said Fischer.

Why did she join us?
"I got involved with Team Yarn because I really wanted to donate hats, but I'm disabled, so I can't get out to do it myself. I was so thrilled to find you!" stated Fischer.
Her mother-in-law taught her to crochet back in 1984. "She taught me the basic stitches, then got me a booklet for a sampler afghan that used all those stitches and taught me many more," recalled Fischer. 

She isn't one to follow a set pattern. "Most of the time I combine patterns/techniques and just play and see what I come up with," she noted. 

Fischer crochets in the winter, and does beading in the summer. She already has a big bin of hats ready to donate next fall via our Cambridge drop-off site at the Century 21 office (202 Main St. S. Cambridge.)

Thanks for all you do!!


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