All yarns are not created equally

All yarns are not created equally.

Here at Team Yarn, we're on a journey and we're learning as we go. We are discovering that although a specific type of yarn may feel soft on our hands, it does not feel as soft on our heads.

For cancer patients, it is especially important that we knit and crochet items from only the softest yarns, as they have especially sensitive skin.

When purchasing yarn, a good rule of thumb is to:
- Rub the yarn across your face.

If it feels soft on your cheeks, it's is soft enough. But if there is a hint of roughness, it won't work.

We have tested out a few methods of softening yarn recently. We’ve had some success with washing and drying hats in order to soften them. We’ve also tried washing the yarn skeins themselves, placing them in lingere bags in the washer. While that works somewhat, it tends to make a big mess of the yarn. We’ve also heard that using shampoo and condition on yarn helps soften it. While these methods seem to help, it doesn’t make rough yarn soft.

To ensure that your end product is soft enough for the sensitive head of a cancer patient, start with a yarn that feels soft on your face.

Amy has posted a number of specific yarns that we know are soft enough on the Yarn, Patterns & Guidelines page. Click here to browse through the list.


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