First Team Yarn Donation ~ Cambridge Harbor Room

It is our hope that Team Yarn will develop into a project that stretches far and wide, that many people will participate over the course of the coming months and years, and that we will be able to offer donations of handmade comfort items to a variety of places. Thanks to many of  YOU, we are off to a fantastic start already! We have yarn to work with and several completed items.
So, last week, knowing we would definitely have a boxful of items ready to donate, I made a phone call to the Harbor Room at the Cambridge Medical Center. The Harbor Room is a cancer and chronic conditions resource center within the hospital. My mom received a number of items from the Harbor Room when she was first diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted to honor them with our first set of donations. I spoke with Bonnie Gutzkow-Bowman, who said that the Harbor Room can always use more donations. The more they have, the more they give away. I watched the growth of the chemotherapy unit of the hospital firsthand over the course of the year that my mom was treated there, and I know that Cambridge Medical Center is treating a growing number of cancer patients. Though this is sadly unfortunate, it means that our help is all the more needed. We have set a date to bring our first Team Yarn donations to the Harbor Room this month! And it looks like we'll be in the, stay tuned for that!

Please join us for our first meeting this coming Sunday, at Silverwood Cafe in St. Anthony, MN (details in the right sidebar). If you can, we'd love to have a few of your finished items by that date to put in the box for the Harbor Room.

If you cannot make it to the meeting, and you have finished items to donate, please send them along in the mail or email me if you'd like to drop them at my house. Any items for the Harbor Room will need to be in my hands by next week!

And, if you're booked this month, but you'd like to join us another time, we'll be having regular monthly meetings, and we'll need the support of both new and returning people to keep this Team running! Stay tuned for meeting dates!

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