106 hats and 1 scarf to the Harbor Room in October

In October, we donated 106 hats and 1 scarf to the Harbor Room in Cambridge.

This was our third donation to this valuable resource at the Cambridge Medical Center. It has a special place in our hearts because the Harbor Room helped Amy's mom. (Click here and here and here and here to read about our past visits.)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you guys," said Lori Dimitry of the Harbor Room.

We learned that next year, the Harbor Room will be located in a different place within Cambridge Medical Center. They're switching places with the gift shop. Although the new location won't have natural light from so many windows, it will be better, according to Lori. Not having windows open to the outside will increase the privacy of the support center, and the space will no longer feel like a fishbowl. "The coffee will be on. The fire place will be on," she stated. They don't currently have a fire place, so that will make the new room nice and cozy. "My vision is very soft and very warm." The switch will occur in either January or February 2016.

At the Harbor Room, they do whatever a patient needs, be it big or small. Earlier in the day, Lori and her nephew had brought two Diet Cokes to a patient who requested it. When someone has a hard time keeping food and drink down, they're definitely going to get what they ask for!

The Harbor Room hosts a regular support group that meets monthly. There's a different topic each month. The most recent one got attendees doing the salsa dance in their chairs! Lori pointed out that when people suffer from lymphedema, they need to exercise or it will get worse. But it can be tough to exercise. So they learned how to exercise in their chairs!

The Harbor Room sees a lot of people on limited incomes, and not all can afford their medications. By accessing the Hope Fund, people can get help paying for their gas or a new washer and dryer.

CMC's infusion wing is using a holistic approach, and includes essential oils such as ginger and bergamot to help with nausea, pain control and headaches. "We try to do what the patient needs," said Lori.

October happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the Harbor Room had just received a donation from the Cambridge Caribou Coffee. Caribous around the nation sell Amy's Blend in October to raise money in honor of a former employee who lost her life to breast cancer.

Learn more about the resources at the Harbor Room here.


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